Thursday, September 7, 2017

Brewery Review: Meddlesome Brewing Company


Memphis has had a craft beer scene for a few years now, but anywhere outside of the downtown and midtown area has been kind of left out. The suburbs get a bad rap a lot of times, but the reality is that a lot of people - a lot of nice, fine people - live out there. Plus, sorry Memphians, but Cordova is not as far away as you think it is.

In fact, living in East Memphis, I can get to Cordova almost as fast as I can midtown. And while I love shopping and eating local, there are local businesses out there too!

Rant over.

Seriously though, one of my new favorite breweries is Meddlesome Brewing Company in Cordova. Located almost across the street from Shelby Farms, it's a nice, comfortable tap room with great beer and great folks.

Last time Sloan and I were there with our friend Corey, I got a backstage tour of the brewery, and I was blown away by what Richie and Ben have managed to do in the industrial park location.

Richie told me that they are going to add a patio on the back of the loading dock and - coolest part - they're going to have the walkway go past the brewing equipment, so you can see where your beer is made! 

The space at Meddlesome is great, and it's super family friendly - not necessarily baby friendly, but Aiya had a great time. They have flavored water that's really good, and a wall for chalk drawing. 

The beer is outstanding too. They have a wide range of types, and one of the best things is the tasting flight. 

Plus, it's served in a muffin tin. I mean, how can I say no to that!?!

Pictured above is the Blonde, 201 Hoplar (punny - the local jail is at 201 Poplar - but also really good), a Brown (which is not my fave but I dislike browns usually), Water Melone (watermelon-y - weird but good), Otter to the Slaughter (an English Bitter which Sloan LOVED), and an Amber (my namesake, but never my favorite beer). 

Even the types of beer I didn't love I still liked - I finished all my samples and went back for a 201 Hoplar. So good!


I like the fact that Meddlesome is willing to take some risks on the styles they brew. Creativity is fantastic as long as it's matched with a skilled brewer. I was consistently impressed across all categories. The Blonde is tempered and approachable. The brown was rich and had a nice slightly piney hop backbone, and 201 Hoplar has a gorgeous citrusy nose with a crisp and delightfully bitter mid palate.

I believe they made some excellent decisions with their year-round selections. If they keep this up, I think 201 Hoplar could be the beer people think of when they think of Memphis. I was very impressed with their English Bitter as well. It has a nice balance of malty sweetness and a little hop bitterness in the background. It's a style that hasn't gotten much love here, and I'm glad to see a fresh local offering in that category. When I asked, they said it was a one-off for the moment, but they would consider doing it again. 

I have heard talk about them experimenting with some sour beer styles as well. It really is great to see a brewery in an under-served part of town brewing some fun and exciting beer!

Meddlesome is open Wednesday through Sunday, and, although they don't have food, they often have a food truck and you can bring your own food as well. It's across from the dog park at Shelby Farms, so once the patio is done, it'll be a great place to take your dog too. 

Head out to Cordova (I promise you won't melt outside the loop, y'all) and enjoy some awesome craft beer!

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