Thursday, September 28, 2017

Brewery Review: Wiseacre Brewing Company

Over the past few years, Memphis has seen an explosion of craft beer, and we're loving it! Wiseacre Brewing Company is one of our favorites - the beers available in the Memphis market are great, but for the full range, a trip to their tap room is essential.

On a recent visit, I went in with the goal of trying everything I hadn't yet tried. Of course, I had to stop by the Gourmade Food Truck on the way in. I got the Braised Short Rib Sandwich. It looks like a small sandwich, more like a grilled cheese than anything from an overhead view. But do not be fooled, this sandwich is rich. Red wine braised short rib coupled with their 3 cheese blend makes for a big meal in a small package.

Amber got the Appetite for Destruction. My god! That was an amazing pile of delicious. Mac and Cheese layered with pulled pork, fries, BBQ sauce, and BBQ spice.

Appetite for Destruction

While I was scanning the draft list, I noticed two brews that had not made it into my lexicon of beer experience yet, the King Baby Imperial IPA and the Suits and Boots Porter. King Baby was definitely brewed last year and I missed it, and I think Suits and Boots was a winter seasonal. The featured beer of the night was one of my favorites from them, Adjective Animal. It has just been released in 6-pack cans. I'm excited!

The beers change pretty frequently, but they're all top-notch.

Suits and Boots (left) King Baby (right)

King Baby is a big IPA, drier than Adjective Animal, with a somewhat piney hop profile. At 11.4% it packs a boozy wallop. In spite of the high ABV and the tinge of heat, it holds a pretty good balance. If you run across it at the tap room or your neighborhood growler station, it is well worth a try!  They serve it in their snifter.

Suits and Boots is a fun little porter. It is an American Style Porter, I think that refers to it's gentle backbone of hop bitterness. It may be dark, but as far as porters go, it is not particularly heavy. The roasted malt and caramel flavors strike a tasty balance with the hops. From the tap at the taproom it came out with relatively lively carbonation. Coming in at 5.8% you could call it a session porter. I would definitely drink it again. They serve this one in a Nonic Pint glass.

Wiseacre also has some of the coolest label art around, and they use huge images of it to decorate the tap room.
Adjective Animal was always among my favorite of Wiseacre's brews and I am really glad they have it available in six packs featuring the incredible label art.

Via Wiseacre.
Wiseacre also has a great yearly beer festival called Taste the Rarity, which Amber has reviewed on her Memphis lifestyle blog History & Pearls. It's a great way to taste some beers from all over the country in addition to some special releases by Wiseacre.

Plus, Gourmade is there sometimes!

Wiseacre's tap room is open Monday through Saturday, and they have a pretty extensive event calendar with the food trucks available each day - definitely worth a trip!

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