Friday, September 29, 2017

Foodie Finds: Cinnamon Rolls and Coffee and Beer Oh My!

It's finally FINALLY Friday. This week has been a long one for us!

Giant Cinnamon Roll from Silver Dollar City
 Here are some of our favorite finds this week!

Preview of a recipe coming next week - Spicy Brussels Sprouts and Bacon!
Food and Drinks

So good - look for a review next week!

Even our lazy dogs are excited to go outside and do stuff recently!
Not Food and Drinks
  • Is anyone else really excited about fall, but also struggling to balance all the stuff they want to do with their schedule? We want to have a fire pit night, a game night, go to the drive in, go hiking, carve pumpkins...the list goes on and on. This planner from Commit30 is our favorite for everything from scheduling blog posts to the everyday stuff to trip planning. 
  • We ordered Movie Pass cards, and they're supposed to be here this week. Definitely going to see Mother!, probably seeing IT again, and looking forward to checking out the 9 films the BBC recommends watching this month. Anyone else have a card or good movie recs?
  • Speaking of film/TV, we just finished a full Twin Peaks rewatch and are about 2 episodes from being done with the new series. So worth it. Also, we just discovered that there is a Twin Peaks cookbook, so that's definitely going to be a thing that happens.
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