Friday, September 8, 2017

Foodie Finds: Watermelon Knife

Summer just isn't summer if you don't have a watermelon.

Or 2 or 3. 

All the watermelons. 

But cutting watermelons is terrible. The rind is hard to cut, you get juice everywhere, and the second you actually do cut through it, the whole thing falls apart and goes rolling all over the counter. 

My new favorite thing - to help me cut all the watermelons - is a watermelon knife. 

Via Amazon.

Watermelon knives are no joke. You just cut through, no mess, no struggle. They're a little large to cut the inside of the watermelon - you'll need a paring knife to get the most fruit from the rind - but gone is the need to trick someone else into cutting the watermelon. 

Plus, it's cute. Cute kitchen tools are basically my catnip. 

*Although we think this is a great product, we aren't compensated in any way. Just sharing a find!

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