Thursday, September 21, 2017

Hog & Hominy: Brunch Magic

The weekend of Amber's birthday a couple of months ago, we decided to partake in some serious eating. We both love good food and good drinks, so we rounded out the weekend with brunch at Hog & Hominy, one of my favorite brunch spots in Memphis.

On Sunday, when the brunch menu comes out, they have great specials. When we were there, it was $5 Mimosas and $5 Bloody Marys. I couldn't resist. I tend to be picky about a good Bloody Mary. I like them to be a little thick and have a little kick. Hog & Hominy never disappoints. Their Bloody Mary has the perfect level of heat and just the right viscosity. Not only is the flavor just right, but it is a damn fine looking drink. Rimming the glass with BBQ spice is a nice touch.

Amber's mimosa was solid as well - not just orange juice, not just bubbly, just a nice mix. She's a mimosa fiend so when she's happy with one, I know it's good!

When the food came out we were ready for it. I opted for the appropriately named Gut Bomb. This beautiful monstrosity of a breakfast sandwich is grits, Porcellino's bacon, a scrambled egg, and pepperjack cheese on a biscuit. Ladies and gentlemen, this is hangover food at it's finest. For me this falls into the category of sandwiches that must be eaten with a fork.

The Gut Bomb

The lady didn't fare too poorly herself. She went for a brunch classic, Steak & Eggs! Steak and Home Fries are draped in a gorgeous fried egg and topped with hot sauce. The flavors mingle just perfectly. They use a thinner hot sauce with a flavor that reminds me of quality southern cooking. While I enjoyed the Gut Bomb, I was bordering on a case of bruncher's remorse when I tried her tapestry of spicy beef goodness.

Steak & Eggs

In accordance with our mandate of shame eating prescribed for this weekend, we followed this with one of Hog & Hominy's pizzas, the Breakfast In Bed. Spinach, fontina, red peppers, eggs, bacon, and goat cheese come together to make an unforgettable experience. We could only get through about a slice and a half each at this point in the meal, and as a side note, this pizza is not ideal for reheating. All that said, so worth it! 

The pizzas do change pretty often, so if this one isn't available, we highly recommend Thunderbird! 40 Twice! - yes, even for brunch. 

Breakfast In Bed

I can't recommend Hog & Hominy enough as a brunch spot. The food is fantastic, the drinks are even better, and while the price is not cheap, you get a lot of (amazing) food for your money!

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