Friday, December 22, 2017

The Ultimate Holiday Gift: Whiskey

As a whiskey lover, I find that the bottles I get as gifts need to be bottles I wouldn't buy for myself. That doesn't necessarily mean they need to be expensive. They just need to be interesting regardless of price. I went to Doc's Wine and Spirits, a store not too far from my house to peruse some options that are available this year and give you folks a few recommendations of things I find interesting.

Scotch Whisky

These are collaborations between Macallan distillery and various other parties such as chefs of Michelin starred restaurants and master perfumers. Unique for sure.

Exclusive Malts by Creative Whiskey co. is a cool idea. They buy single casks from various Scottish distilleries and bottle them under their own label. These are malts that really showcase unique regional character!

Kilchoman is a rarity in Scotland as they grow the barley they use themselves. It's peaty but not as much as something like Lagavulin. If you know a less adventurous Scotch drinker and want to show them the power of peat, this is the bottle for you! Not to mention the cool glasses.


This historic Nashville distillery has been hitting it out of the park since day 1 of their return. They are currently specializing in bourbons finished in casks that held various other things. The best part is, they have a sampler gift set to let you try out 3 of these whiskeys, XO Cognac Finish, Madeira finish, and Sherry finish!

You can't go wrong with any of their bottles, but their small batch bourbon is more available than ever, it won't break the bank, and most importantly, its good!

Most people will be familiar with Buffalo Trace bourbon, but they do more than just bourbon. They also do a heavenly line of scented candles, and the holidays just aren't complete without their Bourbon Cream. Think Bailey's with a Southern twist.

Whatever whiskey you gift, have a wonderful holiday weekend! Sorry for the lack of posting lately - Amber has a new (awesome!) job, and our trip to Chicago/the holidays have worn us out! We'll be back soon with Chicago reviews, Memphis reviews, and so. many. recipes. Happy holidays!

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