Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Bite Into Maine

On our honeymoon, we tried really hard not to make concrete plans. Like, "we want to do x, y, and z" was fine, but we didn't schedule our days other than vague suggestions, and tried not to be on too much of a time schedule. But one of the things we had to do was eat all the lobster.

Like. All of it.

We basically crushed that goal by eating lobster everywhere. From the amazing brown butter mini-rolls at Eventide Oyster Co. (post coming soon - their chowder changed our lives) to the oceanside picnic tables at The Lobster Shack at Two Lights (can we just live there?) and everywhere in between, we ran the gamut of lobster deliciousness.

But for a classic, amazing, "this is the single best bite of food I've ever had" experience, we were pretty sure we knew where to go.

Bite Into Maine.

With a permanent location (and now even more places!) and food truck, we had a couple of options. Luckily for us, they happened to be at Portland Head Light/Fort Williams Park the day we were there sightseeing.

Let me set the scene for you.

It's 65 degrees, sunny with a nice breeze. The park is bustling but not crowded, and the waves are crashing on the beach in the background. We're one day into our trip and in love with each other and Maine and life.

And then this happens:

So basically, the best thing ever. 

Bite Into Maine is a celebrated food truck (and now restaurant!) and it's easy to see why. First, they're local and use amazing local ingredients. 

Second, they have an adorable truck with a small but amazing selection. You can get different kinds of lobster rolls, a couple of different kinds of sandwiches, and clam chowder! We opted for the Maine style (with chives and mayo) and the Connecticut style (with warm butter). 

Why is my finger in this photo? Why is it so beautiful outside? Why did we not get 5 rolls each? Who knows the answer to life's greatest mysteries.
Third, they even have local drinks (from Maine Root), which coincidentally go perfectly with lobster rolls!

Finally, their lobster rolls are just...amazing.

The Maine style one (that Sloan got) was so good. Mayo is actually the worst, but with lobster and chives on that warm, super butter bread? We might be mayo converts. The Connecticut style - with warm butter on that same buttery bread - was my favorite, but that's mostly because butter is life. We couldn't pick a favorite even if we wanted to. We just wanted to keep eating them. 

If you're in Maine (or hell, go to Maine just for these lobster rolls), make sure to stop into Bite Into Maine. Super nice folks, amazing food, local business with great ties to the local community. Plus, if you can catch them at Portland Head Light, you'll get to see a beautiful park and historical landmark while eating the best food you've ever had. 

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